Gutter Covers


SANCHEZ GUTTERS LLC carries and installs gutter covers (see pictures below) also known as "Gutter Guards", "Gutter Topper" or "Retro Guard" with these gutter covers you can forget about cleaning your gutters again. How do they work? The same surface tension or adhesion that makes water cling to the side of a tilted glass draws water around the cover and into the gutter, making this type of gutter cover one of the most popular low-maintenance covers on the market.

Gutter Guard Features

  • Maintain the distinctive look of your home.
  • Prevent clogged gutters by keeping out leaves and debris.
  • Twelve colors are available to blend in with the roof, including 16 oz. copper.
  • Long lasting performance - year after year - with sturdy, durable .024 aluminum construction.

Gutter Guard Facts

  • Come in five foot lengths and will install on new or existing gutters.
  • May be installed under almost on any roof pitch from 4/12 to 15/12.
  • They can be matched to the color of your roof or your existing gutters.
  • They are secured to a hidden hanger and under the existing roof shingles with screws.
  • They are fabricated from long lasting, strong .024 aluminum alloys.